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Resistance bands super set

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Power Bands Super Set

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Power Bands Super Set Contains: 

- Elastic bands - 4 pcs - 8, 13, 21, 32 mm (2080 mm long loop, 5 mm thick)

- Hip band - medium strength - textile material, 68 cm diameter, antislip

- MG Climbing Carabiners - Aluminium 25 kN - 2 pcs

- Gym Handles (one pair) with rubber cover

- Ball-Cylinder Wooden Grip - 70 mm ball diameter, 40 mm cylinder diameter, 200 mm cylinder length, M10 stainless steel eye screw

- MG Climbing Slings - 22 kN, 1200 mm loop

- MG mesh storage bag 



Free shipping to 82 countries in Zone 1 - 10 - 20 days with tracking number.

DHL shipping to 44 countries - $20 USD - 5-8 days with tracking number.

​Free shipping locally in Australia with AusPost (2-3 days).

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* All these accessories can be used together with the MG Gym Rings


The bands 

The biggest difference between the MG Super Bands Set and ordinary bands that can be purchased on Amazon, Ebay or elsewhere on the internet is the unique accessories and they quality. These accessories will drastically improve the quality, safety and the efficiency of your training. 

The elastic bands offer different levels of resistance depending how far are stretched. They can be safely stretched twice their length. 

This set includes for different bands that can be stacked (they can be used together so their resistance is summed up). Most bands for sale on the internet offer similar quality and are fairly reliable and can be used for many years in commercial settings. 

To work out with bands you can step on them and pull in different directions or you can attach them at any height (low, hip height, chest height, overhead). You can only pull on one section of the band, or you can double them for greater resistance. 

Also many websites that sell mostly bands, will claim that bands are the best for every training movement. Based on my 25 years of coaching, teaching and training experience, I state that bands are very good for smaller muscles (shoulders, triceps, biceps) and for different multi-planar drills (for example a trunk rotation combined with a press). Also bands are excellent for all kinds of rehabilitation drills that involve small muscles around the shoulder (rotary cuff) or the hip (for abductions, adductions or rotational movements). 

For bigger muscles movements like squat, chest press, row and pull-down only relying on bands for resistance, will not bring optimal results. A band offers the highest resistance when it is stretched the most of the end of its elasticity range. When performing a band squat, for example, there will be little resistance at the bottom of the movement (when you squat the lowest) and a lot of resistance at the top (when you stand up). Strength development is specific for the angle of contraction and the resistance, therefore the strength at the bottom of the squat will not improve. 

A barbell, a kettlebell or the body weight (on one leg) is a much better load to develop squatting strength compered to bands. Bands are good to supplement the load of the barbell and add extra resistance towards the top of the movement. 

The Carabiners

MG carabiners proper climbing carabiners rated at 25 kN (2500 kg). They are aircraft grade aluminium, they are very smooth so they will never damage your bands or the accessories.

Carabiners are used to quickly connect the bands with different handles.

MG Carabiners have a retail value of $15 Aud each. 

The Hip Band 

The hip band is good to exercise your hip abductor muscles (especially the Gluteus Medius) that stabilise your hips during physical movement. 

The MG Black band is medium resistance and has antislip rubber dots on the back of the material.    

Contrary to what is peddled over the Instagram, Hip Bands (or Booty Bands) are not the silver bullet for a well developed behind. Squats (and variations) are by far the most efficient way of building a strong and impressive Gluteus Maximus that makes the bulk of your butt. 

Gym Handles 

The gym handles are much more comfortable to exercise compared with using the bare hands to perform a lot of different movements. 

They are made from PVC covered with rubber and a super strong nylon strap.

Ball-Cylinder Wooden Grips 

These wooden grips are unique to the MG Resistant Bands Super Set. Using these grips you can get an awesome hands and forearm training while your exercise other muscle groups. Hands ands forearms strength is crucial for all movements that involve your upper body, just like reliable tyres and wheels are important for your car to perform well.  

In the photo on the right you can see how your cortex perceives your body ( the homunculus); observe how important are the hands. By training the hands, you will drastically improve every movement that used the hands (bench press, pull-up, rows, deadlift, vertical press, biceps curl, triceps extension, etc)

MG Climbing Slings 

These nylon slings are rated 22 kN (2200 kg) breaking strength. They are used to connect the anchor the bands to different fixed points, to connect the accessories to the bands, for stretching, as handles (that will not pinch the skin as stretched bands do), or as foot harness for different exercises. 

The climbing slings can be used to connect the different handles to a bar to train pull-ups, rows, or other drills. 

MG Storage Mesh Bag 

This sturdy nylon bag is used to carry all your equipment. It can be carried as a backpack and it will last for long time. 

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MG Resistance Bands
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