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MG Gym Rings

The past, the present and the future of strength training

The MG Gym Rings have an unique design that allows for perfect and quick adjustment every time.


New!!! MG Gym Rings are now also sold as a set including lots of awesome accessories that add tremendous functionality to the already best piece of equipment: wooden grip balls, cylinder grips, multi slings, gym handles, climbing slings, mini elastic band, long resistance band, fireman lifting belt with weight strap and two extra carabiners.


All these super useful training tools come at a super special price! 

Read all details below. 

Every purchase offers full access to the Gym Rings and Kettlebells full directed course that includes Gym Rings Training Manual, Gym Rings Training Program and 28 training drills videos.

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Optimal results 


                     shortest time!

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Great bundle for PTs - MG Gym Rings + 13 CECs FA accredited online course for only $269 AUD.

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To purchase the full bundle (Gym Rings + all 9 accessories go to Indiegogo.

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What is special about the MG Gym Rings?

The MG Gym Rings have a unique design so they feel like Olympic Rings, they can be used for partner training, sled training and can easily accommodate a wide range of different accessories that increase functionality

Only one carabiner per strap is needed for easy, quick and precise strap length adjustment

The wood ring is contained inside the strap, so only one carabiner is needed to adjust the rings height over a 3 meters span. The strap is doubled around the ring for extra endurance. 

The MG Gym Rings use for adjustment only two aluminium climbing carabiners rated 25 kN

The MG Gym Rings have a three colour webbing pattern, for a simple intuitive adjustment that takes only seconds to set up. Every second white stitching is double so it is very easy to judge the right strap length.

The MG Gym Rings are Designed in Australia and fully Australian owned

MG Gym Rings - video introduction

What is inside the box?


You can buy the MG Gym Rings only or MG Gym Rings + accessories set.

1. MG Gym Rings set including:

 - Wooden gym rings and straps system - one pair - 2 pcs. The ring is contained inside the strap;
 - Climbing carabiners - 2 pcs. Each carabiner has a value of 15 $;

 - Mesh bag that can be carried as a backpack.


2. MG Gym Rings plus a full set of accessories including:

 - Wooden gym rings and straps system - one pair - 2 pcs. The ring is contained inside the strap;
 - Climbing carabiners - 4 pcs. Each carabiner has a value of $15;

 - Multi purpose sling - used for suspended ab drills, split squats, hip thrusts, plank, etc. $35 value; 

 - Ball grip - one pair, made of wood with a M10 steel eye bolt. $75 value; 

 - Cylinder grip - one pair, made of wood with a M10 steel eye bolt. $75 value;

 - Long elastic band - used for assisted Gym Rings drills, grip attachments drills and elastic resistance drills. $15 value;

 - Fireman lifting belt with weight strap - used as a lifting belt and to add weight for different drills: pull-ups, dips, push-ups. $35 value;

 - Gym Handles. $20 value;

 - Climbing slings - 2 pcs. $25 value;

 - Mini band - one pcs. $4 value;

 - Mesh bag that can be carried as a backpack. $10 value. 

 See all details about every accessory down page - details coming soon.

- Support website - - Fitness knowledge, Fitness plans, Exercise instructions 
- Brand: Metal Gear
- Designed in Australia (registered design) 
- Made in China


  MG Gym Rings
- Rings material: birch wood 
- Thickness: 28 mm (Olympic size), or 32 mm (Big hands size)
- External diameter: 23.6 cm
- Internal Diameter: 18 cm

- Weight: both wood rings with the straps weigh 1300 grams. Carabiners weigh 75 grams each. 
- Strap length: 300 cm. The MG Gym Rings can be adjusted to full length and not half-length like the ordinary gym rings strap and buckle systems. 
- Strap width: 38 mm 

- Strap breaking strength: 20 kN (2000 kg)

- Stitching thread: Polyester used for climbing harnesses and other safety gear - White, Green, Red, Double White pattern


 - Aluminium, 65 x 110 mm, 25 kN (2500 kg) breaking strength, blue colour


  Storage bag

 - black mesh bag, with shoulders strings, 40 x 50 cm, with MG logo

  Gym handles

  - vinyl tubes with rubberised cover, steel attachment ring and MG logo. Simply attach the handles to the end of the strap using the carabiner and perform partner assisted training

  Grip balls

 - Birch wood, with M10 steel eye bolt through the whole length, 70 mm diameter. This is an awesome training tool especially for hands, forearms and grip strength.

 Grip cylinders

- Birch wood, with M10 steel eye bolt through the whole length, 48 mm diameter, 200 mm long. This is another awesome training tool for hands, forearms and grip strength.

  Multi sling

- Made of nylon the multi sling is used for suspended abs drills, Bulgarian split squat, hip thrusts, dynamic planks, etc. 

 Fireman belt with weight strap

- Nylon belt with steel hardware. 75 mm wide, fits around waist from 70 - 100 cm circumference.

It has two steel loops at the sides and a strap with 2 carabiners for attaching weights when performing different drills.

 Elastic resistance band

- black, 22 mm wide, 4.6 mm thick, 2 m long loop.

 Mini elastic band

 - 50 mm wide, 460 mm long, loop. Loop it twice around the wood ring when you place the shoe with knee facing down and shoe sole facing up to stop the foot from sliding trough the ring. 

 Climbing slings

 - 22 kN breaking strength, 60 cm long, 120 cm circumference. Blue and black colour. Use it to connect all different handles to weights, or for many other purposes.

 * Every single piece of MG equipment can be used in the most demanding commercial conditions: high traffic fitness clubs, CrossFit boxes, Army, S&C Athletic facilities. 


  Grip balls


  Grip cilinders

   Multi slings










 Fireman lifting belt with weight strap

 Other accessories 


Price and shipping details

    The price for one pair of  MG Gym Rings is $118 USD ($ 170 AUD).

    The price of a full set that includes MG Gym Rings and all other accessories specified above is $198 USD. The full set offers an exceptional value, considering that the price for rings plus all accessories is well over $300 USD ($450 AUD)

    This price includes shipping to Australia. For all other countries the price of shipping is $27 USD for rings only and $60 for the full set and is included in the total price when selecting the "Buy now" menu. MG Gym Rings are sent from Canberra, Australian Capital Territory by Australia Post every Tuesday and Friday. You will receive an email notification with a tracking number. Shipping usually takes between 2-4 days in Australia, 5-8 days internationally. The shipping weight is 1.5 kg for the rings only and 5 kg for the full set. 


     Discounts are offered for gyms, sport clubs, schools, government facilities, etc when purchasing 5 pairs, 10 pairs or more. Please see the Buy Now button at the top of the page for details regarding the exact price and the shipping fees.

     MG Gym Rings come in two sizes - 28 mm and 32 mm wood rings thickness. When purchasing choose the size you need.

     Some countries impose an import tax. Please check if your country or state requires payment of import taxes. The import tax is paid by the buyer. For tax purposes (if it applies to your region), the value of the product will be displayed as $30.

    MG Gym Rings come with a 12 months warranty. The system is over engineered and in more that 5 years of personal and commercial use, there were no defects for any of the thousands of the sold products. 

    The wood rings, the straps and the carabiners are warranted for any manufacturing defect.

    You should take care of your rings. Do not let them hang outdoors when not in use, do not hang the strap over abrasive, or sharp edges, do not store them in a humid place or pack them wet.

   Store the MG Gym Rings inside the house or a protected shed, at room temperature. If MG Gym Rings are used for any other purposes other than physical training, you do so at your own risk.



Resistance training, gymnastics training, and activities at height are potentially dangerous and may lead to severe injury or even death. Use common sense when training- obtain instruction in the proper execution of movements, and understand your limitations. This equipment must only be used by competent and responsible persons, or under the direct and visual control of a competent and responsible person. Obtaining instruction in appropriate techniques and methods of use is your own responsibility. You assume all risks and responsibilities for all damage, injury or death which may occur during or following incorrect use of this equipment in any matter whatsoever. Aussie Fitness Training and MG Gym Rings bear no liability beyond the replacement value of the equipment in question. DISCLAIMER BOTH AUSSIE FITNESS TRAINING & MG GYM RINGS AND BUYER DISCLAIM ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND/OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WITH RESPECT TO THE EQ

    If you have any questions about the MG Gym Rings please send an email to

Click the image below to download for free the MG Gym Rings Training Manual - 50 pages PDF format

Click the image below to download for free the Master Strength Training Plan - the last strength training program you will ever need - 8 pages PDF format

Click the image below to download for free the Gym Rings Training Programs - 7 pages PDF format

MG Gym Rings Training Manual.png
The master fitness plan_cover.png

Fine details

The rings are sewn in the strap, so only one carabiner is needed per ring. Rings are made from high strength birch wood veneer. Each ring has a breaking strength of at least 300 kg. Being build from a natural material, they do not have an exact breaking strength rating.

The ring strap has stitches of 3 different colours (red, green and white along with a double white) so they can quickly and precisely be adjusted to the desired length. It is made of high-quality nylon and it is rated to 2000 kg breaking resistance. The stitches are sewn at 10 cm intervals, so the rings can be precisely adjusted by 5 cm increments. 

Only one carabiner is needed to adjust each ring-strap system. Adjustments are easy, quick, precise and intuitive.  In only about 10 seconds one strap can be adjusted.

Use the provided mini elastic band to prevent your foot from sliding through the ring when doing Bulgarian Spilt Squats

The webbing is made from high-quality nylon thread sewn with multiple threads that is extremely durable. The materials and the technology are exactly the same as used for professional climbing equipment. The type of threading is special, so even if a part is broken or loose, the rest of the webbing is not affected.

Use the handles provided for partner resisted training.

The MG Gym Rings can be adjusted over a 3 meters length.

On the left image the rings would hang high under the bar, to train pull-ups or muscle ups while on the right image the rings would hang very low close to the ground to train push-ups. 

Use the grip balls to develop unrivalled grip, hand and forearm strength.

The whole set can be packed tightly in a 40 x 50 cm mesh bag. 

A durable mesh carry bag is included to store and carry your MG Gym Rings. The total weight of the bag containing wood rings, straps and carabiners is 1.5 kg. The new bag can fit the rings together with all accessories. 



Why MG Gym Rings are better than ordinary buckle system types of rings?


- MG Gym Rings do not have the toothed buckle clip that ordinary gym rings have, that could slide if worn out or if set up incorrectly. The carabiner will NEVER slide or fail. For commercial settings, the buckle system gym rings are a legal liability. The common buckle system gym rings simply cannot be trusted for high danger exercises (when you are hanging upside down, for example).
- MG Gym Rings can be adjusted quickly and precisely at the needed length without the need for minute adjustments as when using buckle system rings. The MG Gym Rings can be used for super sets when you quickly switch between two different exercises (pull-ups and dips for example), because only 15 -25 seconds are needed to adjust both straps. When using traditional buckle system rings, the user feels quite happy to get the adjustment precise for both straps and doesn't want to change the strap length before finishing with a specific rings height.   

- The ordinary design gym rings metal buckle tends to slide all the time under the ring during workouts, sticking out and scratching your forearms, or damaging the wood ring. The MG Gym Rings carabiner does not touch the rings and it is flush with the strap so it cannot be felt while training.
- MG Gym Rings have a pair of climbing carabiners, rated 25 KN (2500 kg) breaking strength. Each carabiner is valued at 15 $ and can be used for many other purposes. The carabiners can be hooked on a sled or a belt to allow for different types of dynamic strength training and conditioning. 
- MG Gym Rings look much better than other rings, because of the coloured webbing (red, white and green) and of the blue carabiner. 
- MG Gym Rings are made of wood (birch) that offer a superior feeling compared to ABS or steel rings and are also lighter.


Why MG Gym Rings are better than Rogue Competition Rings ?

- Both MG Gym Rings and Rogue Competition Rings adjust the strap length using carabiners.

- The MG Gym Rings have a pattern of three colour webbing for quick, precise and intuitive strap length adjustment. The MG Gym Rings can be precisely adjusted in seconds. The Rogue competition rings are not designed to be easily adjusted. The white stitching would make it confusing when adjusting both rings straps at the same length. Normally they only hang from a bar and are used for muscle-ups or pull-ups.

- The MG Gym Rings system has the wood ring contained inside the strap, so they feel exactly like Olympic gymnastics rings, but can also be adjusted. The Rogue Competition straps loop through the ring. 

- MG Gym Rings only need one carabiner per strap, while Rogue Competition Rings need two carabiners per strap.
- MG Gym Rings look much better than Rogue Competition rings other rings, because of the coloured stitching (red, white and green) and of the blue carabiner. 

- MG Gym Rings straps are 3 meters long; Rogue Competition Gym Rings are 1.8 m or 2.4 m long
- MG Gym Rings cost $118 USD (including handles and rubber band); Rogue Competition Gym Rings cost $139 US.


Why Gym Rings are superior to TRX?

- When using TRX many of the best exercises are impossible to practice, while others are just a compromise like dips, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. This is because the TRX straps converge to a single strap, so straps cannot be parallel, but are in a Y angle. Gym Rings can be set-up at different widths between the straps, so all exercises have a very smooth and natural feeling.

- TRX are not designed for fully suspended training with feet in the air, but are designed for semi-suspended training with feet or hands in permanent contact with the ground. MG Gym Rings can be used both with feet on the ground and in the air.

- TRX straps that feed through the handle fall at a straight angle on the forearms and it does not feel well; MG Gym Rings straps are parallel with the forearms when working out, therefore they feel much better. 
- TRX straps are difficult to adjust to a greater height, for example when training pull-ups, you would need to wind up the straps around the hanging bar multiple times. Gym Rings can be adjusted to any height between the ground and 3 meters high. 
- TRX need minute adjustments to the desired length; MG Gym Rings can be adjusted quickly and exactly to any length. 
- The wooden handles of the rings feel better than the rubber handles of the TRX.

- All drills that can be practiced using TRX feel even better when using MG Gym Rings. Many important drills (dips, pull-ups, muscle-ups, etc) cannot be performed using a TRX.
- TRX are much more expensive, priced between 149-199 USD (210-280 AUD); MG Gym Rings cost only 118 USD (170 AUD).

Why should you train with Gym Rings?

Why should you train with MG Gym Rings?

- You can train inside your home, in the garage, in the yard, in the park, in the playground, in the gym. You can train anywhere you have a setup or find a bar, a beam, a tree branch, hooks sturdy enough to safely hold your bodyweight.

- You can take your MG Gym Rings with you at the gym, at work, at school, or when you travel. Never miss a training session in your life.

- While training with Gym Rings you can adjust the load simply by walking forward or backwards to change the angle between your body and the ground.

- You will never run out of options on Gym Rings. There will always be ways to increase the difficulty of an exercise or new movements that you can try. There are some Gym Rings movements that only very few people in the world can do well, like The Victorian Cross or  The Maltese.

- Gym Rings pushups is THE BEST overall exercise for your upper body pushing strength and for your chest muscles. One could argue that Barbell bench press would be the best drill. The Gym Rings push-ups is exactly the same pressing movement, but in addition to Bench press, you train your abdominal muscles, in order to maintain posture, you have the freedom to change the angle between the arm and truck as you wish, you need to stabilise the rings, so you will use the shoulder, biceps, triceps and other stabilising muscles more and you have as much range of motion as you can handle. You can overload the push-up by adding weight on your back or hanging a weighted belt behind your neck. 

- Gym Rings pull-ups and rows are THE BEST exercises and everything you need to train for improving upper body pulling strength and develop your back muscles. You can change the hands' rotation and width as you wish and you can have the range of motion that you desire.

- Gym Rings Bulgarian Split Squat is THE BEST unilateral leg strength exercise you can train. Compared to when you rest the back foot on a bench, the Gym Rings variation feels much more comfortable and natural because the back foot is free to swing backwards and forward. You can hold a weight in your hands.

- Gym Rings Dips is THE BEST upper body downward pushing exercise, and the best drill to develop your lower chest and triceps muscles. The extra need for stability and the range of motion are two of the benefits of training with Gym Rings.

- Gym Rings Triceps Extension is THE BEST exercise for training your triceps. You also are training abs for free.

- Gym Rings Pelican Push-ups (or Curls) is THE BEST exercise for developing your biceps. Maybe you never tried it before, but if you do 3-4 sets of 3-6 reps you will see that I am right. It is a very difficult exercise, and if you are not already very strong it is unlikely that you will be able to do it. 

- MG Gym Rings offers THE BEST Partner Training that you can imagine. You can have a full sports team with a pair of MG Gym Rings between two athletes and have an exceptionally specific and dynamic S&C training session. You can use walking pushing, rowing, twisting and any other movement that is specific to your sport. One athlete does the drill, the other one provides the resistance. 

- Clip the MG Gym Rings carabiners to a loaded sled and train a wide variety of exceptional dynamic and functional drills. 

- The Gym Rings are THE BEST for training functional flexibility. A lot of exercises (splits for example) can be performed from a standing position, and you will also train the stabilising muscles in a position specific to your sport. When using Gym Rings to train flexibility drills is also very comfortable and natural to increase the difficulty.

 * Please do not dismiss the above statements without a few sessions of serious training. 

Gym Rings bodies

I can tell with confidence that the muscular development of the following athletes is mostly a result of training with Gym Rings. I could not find photos of female athletes that I could say that they used mostly Gym Rings for their muscular development, but I am sure there are lots out there. If you would like to submit your photos to prove the exceptional results training with Gym Rings, please email one to  

Alex Moisescu

The designer of the MG Gym Rings and the creator of this website

Daniel Vadnal

Creator of the course Body-by-Rings, Fitness FAQ Youtube Fitness Star

Yuri Van Gelder - "The Lord of the Rings"

World Champion - Melbourne, 2005

Iordan Iovchev

Olympic Silver Medalist, Athens, 2004

Olympic Bronze Medalist, Sydney, 2008

Eleftherios Petrounias

Olympic Gold Medalist, Rio 2016

Dan Burinca

Olympic Silver Medalist, Atlanta, 1996

Chen Yibing

Olympic Gold Medalist,

Beijing, 2008

Olympic Silver Medalist, 

London, 2012

Arthur Zanetti

Olympic Gold Medalist, London, 2012

Olympic Silver Medalist, Rio de Janeiro, 2016

Jury Chechi

Olympic Bronze Medalist, Athens, 2004

Ibrahim Colak

World Champion, Stuttgart, 2019

Gymnastics Rings Code of Points

On this page, you can see the most difficult Gym Rings strength and hold skills. Many of these skills can only be performed at a high standard by only a handful of men in the whole world - Olympic Gymnastics Rings Finalists. A level skills are the easiest, E and F skills are the most difficult. Behold and admire!          Click the link below or the photo below to open a new link.

Inverted cross.jpg


Matt Eikenhout | Personal Training Manager | Gymmy Personal Training I Club Lime 

Canberra, ACT, Australia



I have used MG Gym Rings for a numbers of years, I personally have found they are very versatile and easy to use, which is so important for my clients and myself! As Club Lime’s Personal Training Manager who is also responsible for assisting with Club fit-outs, I am always looking for the best equipment for our Personal Trainers and our Members. We introduced these rings for all our Clubs in Canberra after realizing members needed an easy to use and adjustable set of rings in their training! The MG Rings are utilized everyday by our Personal Training team and members, and we can all agree that they are of high standard. They are used in all styles of training, strength training, endurance training, functional training, sled training and specific gym rings training. They look awesome and have a fantastic lifespan, with thousands of members passing through our doors each week it is important to have strong and reliable equipment.


I would suggest the MG Gym Rings to Gym owners, Personal Trainers and people who are looking to add variety to their training routine.

Flavio Cipriano - Surpassing Gravity

Madrid, Spain



"The MG Gym Rings are very versatile, it takes a few seconds to adjust the height, and the colours on the straps really help. You can switch from doing Pull-ups to Push-ups in a very short time, and when you don't have much time to work out, that is quite helpful. The adjustment is precise, as the stitches are sewn at even intervals. The design and the materials make the MG Gym Rings extremely strong. These are by far the best gym rings that I have ever used."


How to hang the MG Gym Rings from your ceiling?

The best way to hang your gym rings is from your ceiling. This way you can train multiple times a day, just a few minutes each time and you can train independently of the weather conditions. You can also use the hanging hooks to hang a swing, a floating armchair, flowers, or use them in many other ways.

The information provided below is for informative purposes only; it is your sole responsibility to assess the structural resistance of your ceiling, the strength of the materials you use for the job and the how well you accomplish the job.

You must make sure that the structure and the install are fit to purpose.

You need to put in some work, or to pay someone to do it, but is definitely worthing: it is life-changing.

Concrete ceilings

It is easiest to hang the supports from a concrete ceiling. The distance between the hooks should be 50-60 cm, depending on how wide your shoulders are.

You need solid concrete bolts (M10, M12 or M14). You can use only two bolts with an eye and an additional carabiner (12-25 kN strength) to hang the strap, or you can use a special mounting bracket that can be bought on Amazon or in a hardware store.

How to do it?

- measure the distance and mark where the holes will be

- use a concrete drill to drill the holes for the bolts

- install the bolts (and the bracket) and tighten them so they expand

Wood joists hanging

This is how I quickly installed a set of MG Gym Rings in a house with wooden joists:


























 I used 4 hitching ring lag screws (8 mm diameter, 100 mm length) and two O-shaped carabiners with bolt barrel (100 mm long, 45 mm wide). I tried before and only one single lag screw in a pine joist can hold all my body weight (100 kg), but I used 2 for each ring so they will still be solid after many years of use.

 If you can find the centres of the studs easily, the job should only take 10-20 minutes.


 1. Find the ceiling joists. I used a stud finder, but I also took out the downlight to see the joist through the  hole and also measured the distance between joists by finding the nails in the roof eaves just outside the window where I was installing the hooks. Normally joists are supposed to be at 600 mm centres, but often they are not at 600 mm exactly (in this case the gap was 580 mm).

It is important to find the middle of the joist within 5 mm accuracy, so when you drill and screw in the screw the joist does not split.

 2.  Drill pilot holes. Use a drill bit that is 3 mm smaller than the diameter of the lag screw. By using a drill you avoid splitting the joist and you can also easily screw the screws by hand or using a screw driver through the eye for leverage. I drilled the two holes for one ring at 140 mm centres.

 3. Screw in the lag screws by hand and using a metal rod for leverage at the end. Connect the two rings using a carabiner. The Gym Rings straps will hang through the carabiner.


For a different method check this see a detailed post regarding  hanging Gym Rings from wooden joists (credit - Fitness Lab):











Steel joists hanging

Here you can see a video made by me explaining how to set up permanent hooks from steel joists.

You will need to cut the plaster board to be able to install the hooks. The explanation begins at 3:00 in the video.

About Alex

Alex Moisescu is the owner of Aussie Fitness Training website content, the trainer and assessor for the Fundamentals of Gym Rings and Kettlebells Course, the author of the book Your body - a complete guide to fitness, health and beauty and the creator of MG Gym Rings

MG Gym Rings - The Past, the Present and the Future of Strength Training