Your Body - a complete guide to fitness, health and beauty is a 500+ pages book that contains all knowledge required to achieve what is written in its title. A must-read for every trainee, fitness instructor and personal trainer.

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Size: 11.6 Mb 

MG Gym Rings training manual

Learn how to use the best fitness training tool in the world to improve your fitness, conditioning and body shape.

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Size: 3.4 Mb

Kettlebell training - a complete basic guide

Once you've mastered the fundamentals you will be able to train for a lifetime and easily learn any advanced kettlebell drill. 

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Size: 6.5 Mb 

Varied Full-body High-Frequency Training is a revolutionary training concept based on the principles of athletic training and developed by Alex Moisescu.

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The Master Strength Training Plan is a template that makes it easy for every serious trainee to design his/her own individual plan.

This template suits all trainees that already have mastered proper training form.

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Size: 0.4 Mb 

The master fitness plan_cover.png

The Gym Rings Training Programs contains a template with almost all valuable strength training drills on Gym Rings and also example programs for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Trainees (10 - 50 minutes programs)

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