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Fundamentals of Gym Rings and Kettlebells Training - 13 CECs (Fitness Australia)

Now offered online!

Go to the Digital Store and purchase the course now to complete it at your own pace. Only $198 Aud for 13 FA CECs.


Face-to-face course:

Introductory offer: $599  (courses coming soon) 

The price includes a Digital Textbook

Course location: Canberra, ACT, CIT Bruce Campus, Fit & Well Gym and NSW and Victoria different locations.

Date: May 2019 (exact dates coming soon)

Fitness Australia accredited - 13CECs

16 hours delivered over 2 days.

Fundamentals of Gym Rings and Kettlebells Training
Fundamentals of Gym Rings and Kettlebells Training
 mg gym rings, gym rings, gymnastics rings, trx, suspension training
 mg gym rings, gym rings, gymnastics rings, trx, suspension training

Why Gym Rings and Kettlebells?

Gym Rings and Kettlebells are here to stay. With a history of 200 years for Gym Rings and 300 years for Kettlebells, these two pieces of equipment are not a fad. They were the main tools for strength development before the barbells and the machines first appeared and they should regain this place in every serious trainee’s athletic regimen. 

They both are free weights with a range of motion of 360 degrees and an unlimited number of exercises and movements.

Most importantly Gym Rings and Kettlebells offer the possibility of executing the most valuable training exercises with exceptional feeling and range of motion:

Gym Rings - push-ups, dips, rows, pull-ups, pistol squats, split squats, muscle-ups, etc.

Kettlebells - Snatch, Clean and Jerk, pistol squat, swings, shoulder press, windmill, Turkish Get Up, etc


Gym Rings and Kettlebells are exceptional tools for developing strength, power and muscular endurance. People from all walks of life from stay-at-home mums to Olympic athletes could all benefit from properly and regularly using these fantastic physical training tools. 

Investing only $100 to $300 one could own both Gym Rings and Kettlebells to engage in the highest level of training for life.  

Gym Rings and Kettlebells should be a staple for every gym, every Personal Trainer and every serious trainee. 

As a Personal Trainer, if you own a pair of Gym Rings and a few Kettlebells and if you know how to properly offer instruction using them, your clients will surely get the results they want in any setting - at home, outdoors or in the gym.



What will you learn during this course?



During this course, you will learn how to train with Gym Rings and Kettlebells and how to provide safe and efficient training for your clients.

You will learn all details about executing every fundamental exercise and how to prevent, identify and correct mistakes when training your clients.

Based on understanding the fundamentals, you will then be able to create modify the drills or create new ones to cater to individual clients.

You will know how to progress your clients’ training using Gym Rings and Kettlebells and how to cater to all levels of fitness from complete beginners to top-level athletes.

You will learn and understand how to design and adjust fitness programs that guarantee optimal results for your clients.

The course is intended for participants to plan and deliver exercise for low and moderate risk clientele based on the guidelines defined in the Adult Preexercise Screening system (APSS) document.



Who is the trainer and the assessor for this course?


Alex Moisescu - Find more about Alex here



Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education (Romania)

Graduate Degree in Health Preservation and Rehabilitation (Beijing, China)

Strength and Conditioning Level 2 (Australia) 

Certificate 4 in Fitness (Australia) 

Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment (Australia) 




CIT Fitness Certificate 3 & 4 Facilitator

Offered the first Kettlebell Instructor Course in China (2008)

Wrote the first Kettlebell Training article in a popular fitness magazine in China (2007) 

Designed and patented the best Gym Rings in the world - MG Gym Rings

Owned two fitness clubs in China 

Started 10+ fitness clubs in China

Coached S&C to Olympic athletes in China

Trained hundreds of Personal Trainers and thousands of clients

Wrote numerous articles for Chinese number one fitness magazine “Fitness and Beauty” - 200 000 copies every edition

Wrote and published a complete fitness book - “Your body - a complete guide to fitness, health and beauty”

Owns and maintains the website 

Trains seriously for more than 25 years and for more than 10 years with Gym Rings and Kettlebells



What will you get?


You will receive a certificate of completion, like the one on the top of this page

You will be able to buy a pair of MG Gym Rings for a special discounted price

You will receive a 100+ pages manual designed specifically for this course

You will receive free access for the online course

If you are registered with Fitness Australia as a Fitness Professional you will obtain 13 CECs to prove your continuing Professional Learning and maintain continuous Fitness Australia accreditation 

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