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  The MG Supergola project has been put on hold until the COVID-19 issue is dealt with. After the skies have cleared, the project will go ahead. Stay fit and stay tuned!

The MG Supergola is a steel pergola that will radically transform your outdoor living. It has the function of a normal pergola, but it is made of steel and has a special design that allows for quick instalment of all kinds of different attachments for play, training and leisure.

The MG Supergola is only available in Australia, ACT and NSW, starting March 2020.

Small size: 4 m x 4 m, 3.2 m high

Price: $ 2368        Super special founder price: $ 1500

Parts: V 2900 x 4, H 2000 x 4, T 3800 x 3, P 4100 x 6

          Roof sheets: 4 pcs, 17.6 square meters

          Connection bolts: M16 x 16 pcs, purlin and roof screws

          Eye bolts: M16 x 8 pcs

Medium size: 8.5 m x 4.5 m, 3.22 m high

Price: $ 5695  Super special founder price: $ 3500

Parts: V 2900 x 4, VPR 2900 x 4, H 3000 x 2 , H 2500 x 6, HO 1080 x 2, PUS 1080 x 2, T 4300 x 6, P 4100 x 12

          Roof sheets: 7 pcs, 34.6 square meters

          Connection bolts: M16 x 40 pcs, purlin and roof screws

          Eye bolts: M16 x 12 pcs

Large size: 10.6 m x 5 m, 3.25 m high

Price: $ 7628

Super special founder price: $ 4800

Parts: V 2900 x 6, VPR 2900 x 4, H 3000 x 7, H 2500 x 1, HO 2500 x 1, PUD 2000 x 1, H 1080 x 2, PUS 1080 x 2, T 4800 x 8, P 4100 x 18

          Roof sheets: 11 pcs, 60 square meters

          Connection bolts: M16 x 56 pcs, purlin and roof screws

          Eye bolts: M16 x 16 pcs


- Frame - square steel tube 75 x 75 mm, 3 mm thickness

- Roof truss and purlins - square steel tube 30 x 30 mm, 3 mm thickness

- Roof - UPVC commercial roof sheets - 2 mm thickness, 1090 mm wide, 4, 4.5 or 5 m long

- Pull up bars - 30 mm round bar, 3 mm thickness

- Bolts - stainless steel, 16 mm bolts 

- Connection plates - steel sheet,10 mm thickness

Only 10 sets available for the founder super offer, only for ACT and Queanbeyan, NSW!

To get the offer call Alex at 0435 531 277, or write an email to

The frame can be customized according to your needs.

The price does not include installation. You can install it by yourself or we can install it in your yard for the low price of $ 500 for the small size, $800 for the medium size, or $1000 for the large size. Conditions apply

Building and assembly

You can assemble the MG Supergola by yourself, hire a handyman, or we can install it for you.

For the first 10 MG Supergolas the fixed installation fee is $500 for a small one (4 x 4 m) and $1000 for a large one (10 x 5 m). The estimated installation time is one day for two workers for one large MG Supergola. The above installation fees require that the ground is level and suitable for direct installation and direct truck access exists up the final location of the structure. No ground works or water related works are included in the fees.

ACT regulation regarding carports and shade structures

Carports and shade structures do not need development or building approval if they comply with rules set out in (Schedule 1, Part 1.3, Division 1.3.2, Section 1.46) of the Planning and Development Regulation 2008, Schedule 1.

Carports and shade structures are part of a group called class 10a structures (see definitions) that have different exemption criteria depending on the roofing and level of enclosure.


In general, the development is exempt from needing development approval provided:

  • the roof plan area is not more than 50m²

  • there are walls on not more than 2 of the sides

  • it is not more than 3m above natural ground level (the structure can be as high as 4 metres above ground level if no part is higher than a 30o plane)

  • if it has a floor, the height of the finished floor level is not more than 0.4m above natural ground level for any part within 1.5m of a side or rear boundary and 1m above finished ground level in any other case

  • it is behind the building line.

  • Additional criteria apply if two exempt class 10 structures would be built within 1.5m of a side or rear block boundary.

Ground Anchoring

The MG Supergola can be anchored to the ground using two methods:

1. The feet are anchored in the ground with ground pegs (120 cm long) connected to the foot using a steel bracket and a short M16 stainless steel bolt (See drawing)

2. Beneath each foot there is a concrete stump and the feet are secured using M16 concrete bolts or rods.(Second photo)

Surface under the pergola

1. Dirt and wood chips

2. Sand and aggregate

3. Artificial turf

4. Wood or Wood-plastic decking

Bolts and screws

Frame members are connected using M16 stainless steel bolts with Allen hexagonal head.

Truss is connected to the frame using 5 mm stainless steel self driving screws.

Purlins are connected to the truss using 5 mm stainless steel self driving screws.

Roof sheets are connected to the purlins using a special kit that prevents water leakage.

Rain water

The MG Supergola includes a gutter with brackets.

To deal with the rain water there are several choices.

1. Collect the water in an existing water tank.

2. Collect the water in a small water tank located near the structure.

3. Guide the water into an existing irrigation system

4. Send the water down the storm-water drain.


The MG Supergola has a modular design so it can be built according to the size you need.

The smaller footprint is 2 x 2 m for the frame and 4 x 4 m for the roof.

A medium size would be 5 x 2.5 m for the frame and 7 x 4.5 m for the roof.

A wide footprint would be 9 x 3 m for the frame and 11 x 5 for the roof. 

The width is 2, 2.5 and 3 m for the frame and 4, 4.5 and 5 m for the roof.

The height is 2.75 m from the ground to the hanging beam and 3.2-3.35 m to the top of the roof.

The roof has 10 degrees inclination.

MG Supergola parts - details and prices



What makes the MG Supergola unique and special is that


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