The wooden grip ball is an awesome tool to strengthen you forearm mucles (flexors, extensors, brachioradials) and hand muscles. Hand and gipping strength is importan for every task that require griping an object or an opponent. 

Climbing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, rugby, baseball, tennis etc all these sports require excellent grip strength and endurance to allow you to perform at a high level.

You can use the grip ball in combination with the climbing carabiners, the climbing slings and the MG Gym Rings in multiple ways:

- connect the grip ball to the MG Gym Rings straps using a carabiner and perform different drills using your own body weight;

- connect the grip ball to elastic bands or cable and perform diffent exercises;

- connect the grip ball to a kettlebell, or plate using a carabiner and a climbing sling and perform different exercises.

Wooden grip ball

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Size: 70 mm diameter

    Material: beech wood and a steel eye bolt.

    This is a commercial grade item and it can be used both for home training and commercial training facilities. 




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